Go Power! Commercial Solar Charging Solution Nominated for Tech Industry Award Victoria, BC, Canada (November 21st, 2022) Go Power!’s latest innovation for the commercial vehicle market has been listed as a finalist for this years’ VIATEC Innovation Excellence of the Year, in the Hardware Category. Engineered by Go Power! engineers here on Vancouver Island, the

The future of power is ever changing. With electrification, new bans and regulations, and advances in technology coming faster than ever, the RV industry as a whole needs to adapt and provide solutions to our customers. As a leader in the mobile power space for over a quarter century, RV Pro asked Go Power! a

Coming soon to a browser near you! On November 24th, the Go Power! Solar website – gpelectric.com – will be moving to gopowersolar.com.  But don’t worry, all of the bookmarks and links that you have saved will stay the same! The website itself is going to stay the same, it’s just the url that is

HOW TO WINTERIZE YOUR RV’S POWER SYSTEM Power systems can be expensive. So cutting corners when it comes to winterizing your RV’s power system isn’t really an option. More RV owners are embracing mobile living than ever before–and, in turn, need to be briefed on the ins and outs of winterizing RVs and travel trailers