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Go Power! Standard Warranty

Disclaimer of Liability and Warranty

The Go Power! warranty is valid against defects in materials and workmanship for the specific product warranty period. Warranties are non-transferrable.

The Go Power! warranty is not valid against defects resulting from, but not limited to:

  • Misuse and/or abuse, neglect or accident
  • Exceeding the unit’s design limits
  • Improper installation, including, but not limited to: improper environmental protection and improper hook-up
  • Acts of God, including lightning, floods, earthquakes, fire, and high winds
  • Damage in handling, including damage encountered during shipment

A warranty shall be considered void if the warranted product is in any way opened or altered. The warranty will be void if any eyelet, rivets, or other fasteners used to seal the unit are removed or altered, or if the unit’s serial number is in any way removed, altered, replaced, defaced, or rendered illegible.

Warranty Return Procedure

Before contacting Go Power!’s customer service department, please read the “Support” section of our website to troubleshoot the problem. If trouble persists:

  1. Contact the Go Power!™ Technical Support team 
  2. Return defective product to place of purchase
  3. If the product was purchased as part of a factory installed original equipment component on a new RV, please contact Go Power! directly at 1-866-247-6527

Warranty replacements valid within Canada and the Continental US only. Warranty claims outside this area will incur shipping and handling charges payable by the customer.

Unless approved by Go Power! management, all product shipped collect to Go Power! will be refused. Test items or items that are not under warranty, or units that are not defective, will be charged a minimum bench charge of ($50.00 US) plus taxes and shipping. A 15% restocking charge will be applied on goods returned and accepted as “new” stock.

Out of Warranty

Go Power! electronic products are not user repairable or repairable by third party companies. Go Power! does not supply schematics or replacement parts for any of its electronic products.

  1. Valterra Power, LLC cannot guarantee compatibility of its products with other components used in conjunction with Valterra Power, LLC products, including, but not limited to, solar modules, batteries, and system interconnects, and such loads as inverters, transmitters, and other loads which produce “noise” or electromagnetic interference, in excess of the levels to which Valterra Power, LLC products are compatible.
  2. Warranty repair and/or evaluation will be provided only at the Victoria, British Columbia facility of Valterra Power, LLC. Units for such repair and/or evaluation must be returned freight prepaid to Valterra Power, LLC with a written description of any apparent defects. Valterra Power, LLC will not be required at any time to visit the installation site wherein Valterra Power, LLC products are subject to warranty repair and/or evaluation.
  3. Only Valterra Power, LLC is authorized to repair any of its products, and they reserve the right to repair or replace any unit returned for warranty repair. The party returning a unit for repair is responsible for proper packaging and for shipping and insurance charges, as well as any other charges encountered, in shipping to and from Valterra Power, LLC.
  4. The purchaser’s exclusive remedy for any and all losses or damages resulting from the date of sale of this product including, but not limited to, any allegations of breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or strict liability, shall be limited, at Valterra Power, LLC option, to either the return of the purchase price or the replacement of the particular product for which claim is made and proved.  In no event shall Valterra Power, LLC be liable to purchaser or purchaser’s customers or to anyone else for any punitive, special, consequential, incidental or indirect losses or damages resulting from the sale of the product, whether based upon loss of goodwill, lost profits, work stoppages, impairments of other goods, breach of contract, or otherwise.
  5. This warranty supersedes all other warranties and may only be modified by statement in writing, signed by Valterra Power, LLC.
  6. Warranty terms effective as of 2021.


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