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  • Bluetooth enabled MPPT remote

    Bluetooth®-Enabled MPPT Remote

    Available Now!

    Conveniently set and view essential charge information. The GP-RVC-R is a surface mounted remote display for GP-RVC-MPPT photovoltaic (PV) charge controllers. The GP-RVC-R shows the charge current to the battery and battery voltage.

  • 30A MPPT Solar Controller + RV-C

    An RV-C capable 30 Amp MPPT Solar Controller uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging with up to 98% efficiency. MPPT solar controllers optimize an RV’s solar charging in all sun and tilt conditions, and are ideal for series wiring configurations. Easy to install compatible with “smart RV” RV-C systems, this controller comes standard in the 190-watt Solar Eclipse Kits. 

  • PWM-30-DL

    GP-PWM-30-DL Solar Controller

    This page is for support purposes only. This product is only available as an OEM install, or with the DuraLite portable solar kit.

  • ampFlush MountedDigitalSolarController

    10 amp Flush-Mounted Digital Solar Controller

    Regulate the flow of charge to your batteries with this flush-mounted 10 amp controller.

  • PWM  UL

    30 Amp Dual Bank Bluetooth-Enabled Digital Solar Controller

    This Bluetooth® enabled 30 Amp digital solar controller protects the life of your solar battery, whether it’s Lithium, AGM, or Lead Acid.

  • amp Controller

    60 Amp MPPT Solar Controller

    Go Power!’s largest solar controller. This 60 Amp MPPT Solar Controller uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging with up to 98% efficiency.


    Bluetooth® Dongle for MPPT-PRO-60 Controller

  • GP PWM  SQSolarController


    Maximize battery life with efficient and controlled charging. This OEM-installed PWM controller accepts up to 190 watts of solar. Not available for purchase.

  • pwm  sq


    Available on pre-wired RV’s, the GP-PWM-30-SQ is a 30-amp controller that prevents your battery from overcharging. This controller is not available for purchase.

  • 30 AMP Single Bank Solar Controller

    PWM controller, works with our any of our Larger Solar Kits or Complete Systems (accepts 80-600 watts of solar).

  • MPPT PRO Controller Remote

    The MPPT Pro Controller Remote (GP-MPPT-40-60-R) is a surface mounted remote display for the GP-MPPT-PRO-60 and GP-MPPT-PRO-40 solar charge controllers. The GP-MPPT-PRO-R shows the charge current to the battery, battery voltage, and battery state of charge (SOC).

  • GP PC

    Potted PWM Solar Controllers

    Go Power! potted Solar Controllers regulates current flow from the solar panels to the battery and prevents overcharging to optimize battery lifespan. With a weather resistant enclosure, GP-PC-20 and GP-PC-10 are ideal for industrial applications. These controllers are compatible with 12 and 24 volt battery banks.


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