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  • WPortablePowerPack

    DuraPACK 8W Portable Power Pack

    This product has been discontinued, and this page is for information purposes only. Please contact your Go Power! sales rep if you have any questions.

  • Inline Reverse Blocking Diodes

    Protect your solar array

    Inline reverse blocking diodes are needed when panels are connected in a parallel configuration. They help prevent the reverse flow of current into a shaded panel while other panels are in sunlight. The diode is connected to the positive male end of each panel in the array.

  • footextensioncableforportablesolar

    30 ft Solar Panel Extension Cable

    Accessory SOLD SEPARATELY from Portable Solar Kits.

    This accessory is essential if you want to park your RV in the shade! Extend the distance of where your PORTABLE SOLAR KIT is placed with this 30 ft extension cord. It has female to male anderson connectors, making the connection easy and quick.

  • trailer connector 


    Accessory SOLD SEPARATELY from Portable Solar Kits.

    2-wire SAE Connector to Anderson Connector. Optional accessory to the Go Power! Portable Solar Kit. Easily connect your pre-wired RV to a Portable Solar Kit in seconds. This accessory is ideal for those who have solar on the side ports that wish to convert to an Anderson Connector.

  • 7-Pin PSK

    7 Pin Trailer Adapter

    The 7 pin adapter works with a trailer’s existing 7 pin plug for the most convenient and accessible battery charging method. Quickly connect any of our PORTABLE SOLAR KITS to the 7 pin trailer connector. On one end, plug in your trailer’s 7 pin connector while the other end easily plugs into an anderson style connector. The 7 pin connector comes with a dust protector cap.

    Looking for more freedom? Consider getting the 30 FOOT ANDERSON EXTENSION CABLE to extend the distance of where the solar panel is placed. When parked in the shade, the portable solar panels.

  • Adjustable Mount for Rigid Solar Panels

    Adjustable Mount for Rigid Solar Panels allows you to adjust the tilt of your solar panels once they are installed on the rooftop.

  • Cable entry plate

    Cable Entry Plate

    With the Cable Entry Plate, installation is cleaner and more flexible. The Go Power! Cable Entry Plate provides a tidy wire configuration for rooftop solar installation, protects the cable connections and helps prevent roof leaks.

    With Go Power’s Cable Entry Plate, run the wires through any part of the roof you choose, ideally as close as possible to the battery for the most efficient charging and minimizing energy loss. This product has been designed from the ground up to provide the best solution on the market for a cable entry port for RV rooftops.

  • Inverter Fuse & Block

    Inverter Fuse & Block

    Protect yourself and your equipment by installing Go Power!’s extra heavy-duty, DC-rated fuse blocks. Kits include mounting block, fuse, and protective cover. Inverter Fuse Blocks (FBL) include an insulated polyester reinforced polycarbonate base and include 5/16″ studs or optional universal terminal lugs as well as a transparent protective cover.

  • Inverter Fuse and Cable Install Kits

    Inverter Fuse and Cable Install Kits complete kits to connect your power inverter to your battery.

  • solar branch connectors

    Solar Branch Connectors

    Interlocking plug and play connectors allow you to easily wire solar panels in parallel. These branch connectors are compatible with all Go Power! Solar Flex and Rigid Solar panels.

  • MCsolarconnectorcable

    Solar Branch Output Connector Cable

    Our Solar Branch Output Connector Cable comes in the following lengths: 3 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 30 feet and 50 feet.

  • Mounting Hardware

    Mounting Hardware for Rigid Solar Panels

    Mounting Hardware for Rigid Solar Panels. The hardware package includes custom Z-brackets to safely mount solar panels to a rooftop.


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