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Bringing creature comforts from home on the road is a goal for a lot of RV owners. With the popularity of “Smart Home” systems increasing, RVers can now experience the convenience of controlling multiple electronic devices from a single control panel.

With RV-C multiplexing systems, RV electrical components are now far less complex. Combining multiple switches into a single touch-screen control on the RV’s wall, users are able to control lights, awnings, heating and cooling systems, and now, Go Power! solar.

RV-C Compatible Solar Controllers

An essential part of your RV’s solar system, the solar controller regulates the charge from your solar panels and prevents overcharging. The newest technology from Go Power! pairs MPPT charging and RV-C connectivity to provide incredible charging power. Available in 10 and 30-amp sizes, they are ideal for series wiring configurations.

Easy to install on their own and compatible with all RV-C multiplexing systems, these MPPT solar controllers offer superior flexibility for any RV installation. Stackable and simple to use, they can be seamlessly integrated into RV-C connected systems or used on their own with the optional Bluetooth® remote.

RV C Final Design CMYK

Look for the RV-C control panel in your new RV

Easy Installation & Diagnostics

RV-C doesn’t just benefit the end user. OEM’s, installers and dealers all benefit from RV-C’s singular control panel. With fewer wires to be run, the multiplex system allows for a more straightforward installation process. Ease of use is at the core of this new technology, which is evident in the diagnostic tools available to dealers and technicians. Using similar diagnostic tooling as the automotive industry, techs are able to plug in a meter and identify an issue in minutes.

Adding RV-C to Your Line

As RV-C becomes more and more popular, Go Power! is actively working with the OEM community to promote and support manufacturer-level installations. If you or your team is interested in learning more about how Go Power! Solar can work with your RV-C systems, click here to contact our sales team, or call us at 1-866-247-6527.

Check out the new 30-amp MPPT Solar Controller from Go Power!

This RV-C capable 30 Amp MPPT Solar Controller uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging with up to 98% efficiency. MPPT solar controllers optimize an RV’s solar charging in all sun and tilt conditions, and are ideal for series wiring configurations. Easy to install compatible with “smart RV” RV-C systems, this controller comes standard in the 190-watt Solar Eclipse Kits.

This stackable controller has many features:

  • Easily integrates into onboard communications (RV-C) systems
  • The most efficient MPPT controller for RVs
  • Compatible with all battery types, including Lithium
  • Maximizes all power from your solar modules
  • Stackable: add additional controllers to expand your solar array
  • Optional Bluetooth remote
  • 5-year warranty

 Read more and view product specs here. 


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