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At Go Power! your privacy is very important to us.

The following Terms of Use is a synopsis of what personal information we may collect from you, how we use it, and why. For the full legalese version, click here.

What personal data do we collect?

Go Power! collects personally identifiable information that may include your name, physical address, email address, login, and other data that may specifically identify individuals. This information is used for general customer, technical, and marketing inquiries.
Go Power! also collects aggregated and anonymous data through our website. Examples include demographic information or the type of web browser used to interact with our site.

How do we use this data?

We may collect and use personal information for a number of reasons, such as:
  • Improving products or services
  • Providing customer and technical support
  • Processing orders
  • Contacting customers
  • To send special offers and content that we believe may be of interest (note users can opt out at any time)

How do we share this data, and with whom?

We do not share data with dealers, suppliers, or external marketing companies without your expressed consent.

How can you access and control your personal data and opt out of communications or data collection?

By opting out, you will no longer receive communications from Go Power!. Opting out of cookie tracking also negates any analytics tracking. To obtain information that Go Power! has collected about you, email your request to the following email address and you will receive this information within five business days:

How do we use cookies?

Go Power! uses cookies to monitor interactions with our website, and as a result, may collect certain standard information that your browser sends to our site. Examples include your browser type, the address of the website from which you arrived at our website and your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

How do we secure your data?

Go Power! employs SSL encryption on our site and a dedicated, secure and encrypted third-party service managed by a dedicated team of data and network managers.

How can you contact us with privacy concerns?

If you have any concerns about privacy, the security of your data, or if you simply wish to opt out from receiving Go Power! communications, please email your request to [email protected]. We will respond within three business days.

Go Power! Anti-Spam Compliance Policy

Go Power! is committed to establishing and maintaining the responsible use of electronic communications by our contractors, agents, and representatives. These Anti-Spam Compliance Guidelines apply to all employees, authorized dealers, agents, and other Go Power! representatives.

For additional information, please refer to our complete Go Power! Website Terms of Use and our Website Privacy Policy.

Compliance with Anti-Spam Laws

It is Go Power!’s policy to comply with applicable anti-spam legislation and we require our employees, contractors, agents, other representatives and Site to do the same. As such, legislation may differ from one jurisdiction to another. These guidelines cover only those activities that are subject to the provisions of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (“CASL”).

You are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable Canadian laws (including all privacy and anti-spam laws) when acting for or on behalf of Go Power!, or when using the Go Power! site.

Withdrawal or Variation of Consent (Dealers and Distributors)

If someone advises you that he or she no longer wishes to receive any Commercial Electronic Messages from you or any other employee, contractor, agent, other representatives of Go Power!, or through your use of the Site, please:

  • notify Go Power! immediately at [email protected]; and
  • do not send any Commercial Electronic Messages to that individual until advised otherwise by Go Power!

Requests for Consent

In some situations, Go Power! may request consent to communicate with customers and other interested people through our employees or representatives.

An affirmative act of consent may be demonstrated by the individual supplying their email (and perhaps other) contact details and submitting them. The key is that in such a case the three elements are provided: (i) the name and address (and other prescribed contact details) of the person seeking the consent; (ii) the purposes for which the consent is sought; and (iii) a statement indicating that the consent may be withdrawn.

There are additional ways in which Go Power! can collect consent but they may require additional considerations to be addressed.

Website Consent

Go Power! allows individuals to subscribe to receive marketing materials through the Site. Accordingly, the following should be used on all web pages through which an individual can subscribe to receive Go Power! communications by having the individual supply their email address to subscribe.

Please enter your email address below to consent to receive electronic communications, including without limitation newsletters, reports, press releases, invitations to or notices of events, and requests for donations from Go Power!, its successors and assigns, its affiliates, and its marketing partners. I understand that I can vary or withdraw this consent at any time and may do so by contacting Go Power! at:

Go Power!

201-710 Redbrick Street

Victoria, British Columbia

Details of our privacy program are located here: https://gpelectric.com/privacy-policy/

Inquiries or Concerns?

If you have any questions about these Guidelines, please contact Go Power! by e-mail. We will work to answer your questions and advise you of any steps taken to address the issues you have raised.

Revisions to the Guidelines

From time to time Go Power! may make changes to these Guidelines to reflect changes in its legal or regulatory obligations or in the way we communicate electronically. We will notify you when these Guidelines are updated. These Guidelines were last updated on August 1, 2019.

Interpretation of the Guidelines

Any interpretation associated with the Guidelines will be made by Go Power!, the Guidelines include examples but are not intended to be restricted in their application to such examples; therefore, where the word “including” is used, it shall mean “including without limitation.” These Guidelines must also be interpreted in conjunction with any contract between Go Power! and you/your organization, including without limitation the Site’s Terms of Use.

Click here to read our complete Terms of Use agreement.


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