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About Solar Panel Store

Colorado Since 2002
Solar Panel Store (f/k/a Colorado Solar) has supplied customized solar solutions and parts to residential, industrial and RV/marine customers across the USA (and beyond) since 2002. We want to be your go-to solar equipment supplier, so if something isn’t right please let us know!

2019 Website 3.0
Our new 2019 website is designed to make your solar learning, sharing, and buying easier than ever! A lot of our customers know exactly what they want, and our site makes it easier to find the item, check out and be on your way. Others want to learn more about how solar and the variety of components work. And this new site is focused on adding helpful info to make your solar journey easier!

Small town service.
To be clear about Solar Panel Store, we are not a “StuffMart” or a big-box sell-everything-make-it-up-on-volume kind of place. We are the place you call when you want good-old-fashioned personal help to get answers to your questions, get good system designs, get good recommendations on quality products, and buy at fair prices. Many items ship out of our local western Colorado warehouse, and we always take great care that they are packaged carefully to arrive at your door in good shape.

We are a locally-owned and operated business in along the Colorado river in the heart of the Rockies. Tom and Lynelle Lindberg, their 3 kids (Cal, Ella and Lacey) plus yellow lab Lindy, moved from Minnesota to Colorado a few years ago with the dream of running a small business that they could believe in and make a difference for people and the world. Joining the established Colorado Solar team and supplying all kinds of customers across the USA with dependable, clean, renewable (and cool) solar equipment has been an amazing journey. We’re excited to work with you on your next solar project!