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This adventurous couple keeps an off-grid RV romance rolling with the Solar Extreme.

How often have you dreamed of substituting your everyday life for a whirlwind adventure? Prominent travel bloggers Jason and Nikki Wynn did just that, and are sharing their story online. Our chance encounter with the young carefree couple set the stage for a melodramatic love affair between Windy, a lovely Class A motorhome and one of the most powerful, mobile solar systems on the market… not quite the epic story from the movies, but an intriguing online tale nevertheless that begins in the early summer of 2013.

In 2011, Nikki and Jason sold everything, bought an RV (Windy) and took off on the road in search of endless exploration across the country. Their goal was to share their experiences through humorous and informative stories, photographs and videos on their popular website and blog, gonewiththewynns.com. Their mission was to travel as green as possible and to live “off the cord” —enter leading contender, Go Power!

First the Wynn’s searched for an economical and fuel friendly RV on a special edition of HGTV’s House Hunters RV. Since then, their playful approach to both writing and photography have gained them thousands of followers on social media channels, who tune-in every week to read, watch and be inspired by their journey. Some of the most engaging topics consist of eco-friendly travel advice and helpful tips to live without shore power. The Wynn’s then turned to Go Power! to support their goals of travelling green and staying off the grid—an idea gaining much attention from their fans. They’ve since upgraded Windy to the Go Power! Solar Extreme Charging System, enabling Nikki and Jason to boondock full-time. In one phone conversation with Go Power!, Nikki relays her experience of a vacuuming test draining her before the battery—yup, those 600 watts of solar power should keep them busy for a while!

Follow the Wynns as they travel the West coast this summer and learn about their solar gear. Perhaps there might even be another TV appearance in the future…

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