Go Power

Product Testing Review by 2 RV Guys

Go Power! Solar Panels – by KC

Are you always turning lights off to conserve power? Do you run out of power when boon docking or dry camping? Have your fellow RVers complained about your noisy generator? If so, we have a solution.

Our camping involves not hooking up to shore power 80-90% of the time so power management even with four 6 volt golf cart batteries is a challenge. The problem can be exacerbated by the cold climbs of Canada where it gets dark early and nights can get cold in early spring and late fall. In my investigation to address this issue I came up with following potential solutions:
I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of solar panels and solar regulator…

Solar Panels and Inverters – By John

Do I need to buy the whole system at once?

This is my journey with solar panels and inverters for RVs since 2004. Chris (my wife) and I like to go RVing in national, provincial, and state campsites and these locations do not have electrical hookups at many locations. Many times we had to leave our campsites to get the batteries charged up and I thought there had to be a better way to extend our trip. We had a choice of going the generator method or the solar method, we decided on the solar method.

Solar Planning Stage:

When I had my first solar panel installed I advised the RV Dealer to up size the wiring (to use a larger wire size) from the solar panel to the solar regulator as I had plans to add future panels to the roof. This decreases the power lost from the panel to the batteries due to wire size

Would I do anything different? I would have used solar sooner…


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