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Leaving the cubicle and cord behind – the Snowmads integrate solar into their “flexible” lifestyle.

The Snowmads are an adventure-addicted couple who walked away from their 9-to-5 jobs and a conventional lifestyle in 2013 to travel a new road – one paved with less routine, and more minimalism, self-reliance, and new friends at every turn!

In 2012, Kristin and Jason Snow purchased a neglected 1965 Airstream travel trailer and completely renovated it themselves, then got rid of nearly everything they owned and hit the road full-time. They’ve been living and working very happily in 150 square feet for the past year with their three rescue dogs, visiting 32 states and traveling more than 10,000 miles, all while pulling their home behind them.

Working for themselves now as digital marketing consultants, the Snowmads have an arsenal of technology onboard to stay connected and make a living. Until recently, that also meant staying plugged in at RV parks so plenty of power was available for charging their batteries. Thanks to the new GoPower! Solar Flex panel’s ability to fit their Airstream’s curved roof, not only do they save lots of money every day by parking anywhere they want, they also have the freedom to explore amazing new places that were previously off-limits due to power cord dependence. Oh, but it gets even better: with that money they save generating their own power from the sun, they get to spend more time pursuing new adventures and less time behind a computer!

More than just ordinary sightseers, the Snowmads’ goal is to support local economies and travel in a mindful and environmentally conscious way, while inspiring and teaching others to do the same. They also blog about cultural, historical and environmental experiences that many of us have lost touch with in this high-tech day and age, all without giving up the comforts of home! You can follow their adventures at www.snowmads.com.

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Snowmads Blog Post about their Solar Flex Installation

Vintage Airstream Podcast Talks with the Snowmads and Go Power!

Airstream nomads share their new boon-docking experience with a Solar Flex kit.

“This is our first day *ever* of wild camping, thanks to our new Solar Flex panel, in the San Juan National Forest near Durango, Colorado. We drove for 6 hours yesterday to get here, and for the first time, our batteries were fully charged when we pulled into camp! Even with partial shade in the forest, our 100w panel is keeping our batteries topped off, and that’s with our 12V fridge running, several lights on at night, using our water pump, and laptops and phones charging off our inverter. We’re loving that we can now camp anywhere with our new energy independence! Here’s a picture of the panel installed on our 1965 Airstream, and our current backyard view. Thanks to GoPower for making a panel that works on our crazy roof!”   – Kristin & Jason Snow – www.Snowmads.com May 28, 2014.


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