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Solar for RV – What You Need to Know

A well-designed RV solar solution built with quality components will provide you with the ultimate flexibility for going off grid and should give you years of trouble-free service. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your solar set-up:

Understand your current and future requirements. Are you a casual RVer, or a hardcore boondocker? What about in the future—will your needs change? Allowing for future requirements when building out your solar system can help you avoid costly retrofits down the road.

Always choose high-quality components. Check the manufacturer’s written specifications, read reviews from other customers and understand your warranty options.

Choose your dealer or installer carefully. Your RV solar dealer should be manufacturer certified and have experience with your applications and vehicle type. A good dealer will help you assess your system requirements, design your system, recommend top quality components, perform expert installations, and provide excellent post-sale service and support.

Get on the road and have fun! It’s a big world out there. With a quality RV solar system, you’ll be able to see much more of it—even if you choose to go off the beaten path.

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