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Professional RV enthusiasts help educate and test new technology for their community.

“Sanitation” is a word not often associated with solar, but professional product-testing extraordinaires, KC Chavda and John Clarke, have cultivated a small online empire by recognizing and discussing important issues for RV owners. These do-it-yourself problem solvers have spent forty years researching, learning and testing all aspects of the modern camper experience from showcasing the newest solar technologies to investigating the “icky” sanitation problems most often overlooked.

In 2006, the duo recognized the need not only find up-to-date, accessible dump stations, but to provide a platform to address constant concerns about maintenance solutions for a RV water system. As it turns out, they had become the resident experts at regional rallies and trade-shows around the country.  After a few years and several hundred seminars later, the pair are regular guests at such events as the Okanagan RV Lifestyle Training, RVDA’s Learning Weekend and Good Sam Club rally.  Their website, sanidumps.com, has more than 645,000 visitors annually and has expanded to include a database for 13 countries and counting—the largest database of its kind anywhere.

How does solar fit in?

John and KC’s motto of “Making RVing fun, safe and green” naturally lead them to the RV community’s growing interest in solar and to Go Power’s doorstep. After years of testing and experimenting with their own Go Power! systems, the team decided to engage and promote the benefits of solar and inverter power to online and seminar audiences in 2010. Known and applauded for their straight-forward delivery of information, the 2 Guys RV Education influence continues to grow, with their reach now travelling more than thirty thousand km annually. KC and John will boast more than 1700 watts combined on their solar caravans by the end of this summer, and are true boondocking ambassadors for their community.

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