GO POWER! SUPPORTS “DRAB TO FAB” PROJECT WITH RV WOMEN’S ALLIANCE How often does a group of women get to renovate and redesign a travel trailer? Over the next six months, the RV Women’s Alliance’s Drab to Fab project will do exactly that.The project involves tearing a 2007 Crossroads Zinger down to the studs, and

What inverter do I need to run a microwave? For RVers and boondockers, microwaves and other off-grid appliances provide many creature comforts of home. Choosing the right inverter will ensure your microwave runs optimally, protect your batteries from damage, and extend the lives of your other appliances. Before selecting your inverter, it’s important to learn

BOOSTING RV BATTERY HEALTH Optimizing Your RV Battery Investment Most savvy RVers use checklists to prepare for their road trips and camping adventures. There’s even an app for it! However, too often, campers and boondockers don’t check the condition of their RV batteries before heading out. And battery failure can lead to major headaches when