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  • Battery manager kit with shunt

    Battery Manager Kit


    Understand your battery usage better. Update your battery bank and view your battery’s performance remotely with the Go Power! Battery Manager Kit (GP-BMG). Fit for all battery types, the Battery Manager, gives you easy to understand battery stats at the push of a button. With integrated Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, you can view your battery’s performance from your connected smart device. Features a 2-year warranty.

  • PowerTrak™ Battery Interconnect Bars

    Elevate your power system with PowerTrak™ Battery Interconnect Bars, designed for seamless integration with Go Power! Advanced Lithium batteries. Effortless installation, clean connections, and compatibility with 100AH and 300AH Advanced Lithium batteries make it a versatile solution for optimized energy performance.

  • PowerTrak™ Screen

    Experience unparalleled control with PowerTrak™ Screen, where innovation meets convenience. This advanced screen seamlessly combines three controls into a single, user-friendly interface. Enjoy automatic dimming throughout the day, courtesy of the built-in light sensor, providing a customized and efficient experience. Stay connected with ease using the included connectivity cables, and navigate effortlessly with the touch screen color display. Choose from multiple orientation options for a personalized and versatile control solution.

  • picture of a smart shunt

    PowerTrak™ Smart Shunt

    Introducing the Smart Shunt: a compact, high-performance electrical monitoring device for precise power insights. Operating within a 7.5 to 7.6 VDC range, it boasts efficiency with a max supply current of 150 mA (12 VDC) and 80 mA (24 VDC). Its sleek design (4.77″ x 2.84″ x 0.51″) seamlessly integrates into any electrical setup, offering durability in diverse conditions (-20 to +50 °C). From industrial to residential use, the Smart Shunt delivers accurate information and seamless connectivity for unmatched performance.


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Complete Solar and Inverter
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