While the DuraCUBE portable power station might be ideal for campers of all types, it also offers flexibility to be a power source at home. Here, we’ve put together five ways you can use a DuraCUBE while you’re at home. 

1. Peace of mind during a power outage

You’ll never know when a power outage will happen—and if you don’t have a spare power solution, you may have to say goodbye to some of your routine. The DuraCube gives you peace of mind that you can keep some essential items, like a mini fridge, string lights, radio, or a small CPAP running power is out. 

2. Move the Party Outside

Power speakers, mini fridges, wine coolers, and string lights wherever you need them. Bring the party wherever you need it. Tailgate without killing your vehicle battery, pop it on a picnic table in the park, even in your own backyard. Having power where you need it helps keep the good times rolling.

3. Recharge Your Tools

Not every shed has power to it. Popping your DuraCUBE on the workbench to keep your batteries charged is an easy way to make sure you always have the right tool for the job. Or, keep it in your work truck and keep your idling to a minimum when on the job site. 

4. Recharge camera gear on shoots

How many batteries do you usually take with you on a photo shoot? What if we told you that you can cut that number in half and still have power to spare? Bringing a DuraCUBE with you on photo shoots and drone shoots can help minimize the amount of battery packs you need to take with you on location. 

4. Keep the Kids Happy

Power wifi routers, TVs, gaming consoles, and keep phones charged during power outages, in the car, or anywhere you need the extra bit of quiet. The DuraCUBE can charge multiple devices simultaneously, keeping the kids busy whenever you need to.